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Success means different things to different people. It might even mean different things to the same person at different stages in their life.

This is what I am finding out in my own life…

Success used to mean being the best at what I did.

Today success means trying even if I fail.

Success used to mean ambition.

Today success means practicing humility.

Success used to mean having it all.

Today success means having enough.

Success used to mean pushing myself too hard.

Today success means taking care of myself.

I’m still committed to being successful in my life. But my idea of success has change since my diagnosis of sarcoidosis.

Today I’m successful when I remember to be grateful.

Today I’m successful when I set realistic priorities.

Today I’m successful if I have a good day.

Today I’m successful when I accept the bad days.

Today I’m successful when I decide to be happy.

And I have a lot of reasons to be happy!