Just wanted to see if you’ve been paying attention (hee,hee,hee) for sarcoidosis awareness month. If you feel brave enough…reply to this blog with the answers…and I’ll let you know your score.

Good luck!

1. True for false: Sarcoidosis is contagious.

2. Name the medication most often prescribed for this disease:

3. What are three common symptoms of this disease?

4. What is the cause of sarcoidosis?

5. True or false: Sarcoidosis is a lung disease.

6. What ethic group is most prone to getting sarcoidosis?

7. True or false: There is no cure for sarcoidosis.

8. What is the goal of treatment for sarcoidosis?

9. How did the disease sarcoidosis get its name?

10. True or false: Sarcoidosis is only diagnosed in people 20 to 40 years of age?

BONUS QUESTION: What TV show frequently uses sarcoidosis as a differential diagnosis?