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It’s my birthday today….yippie for me!


So, just how does a girl spend her birthday when she has sarcoidosis?

Well, it’s Friday and Friday is the day after I take my weekly dose of methotrexate, which means this girl with sarcoidosis will be spending her birthday with a whopper case of the methotrexate hang over blues….that’s how!


You see, sarcoidosis and its treatment don’t really care that it’s my birthday! They don’t discriminate. They don’t recognize holidays or special events or celebrations of any kind.

Sarcoidosis does not care about time.

So today, on my birthday, I’ll be hanging out on the couch, napping, watching movies and laying low. I’ll be nursing a sour stomach and dealing with massive fatigue, while I wait for the day to end, just like I do every Friday.


It’s not so bad. If there is one thing this disease has taught me, it’s that it could always be worse!

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. This is just reality now. I’ll eat cake tomorrow and maybe even cheat on my healthy diet with a little ice cream too!

It’s important to be flexible when you live with a chronic condition. Sometimes you just have to learn to live around it. 

I might not always have control over my body but that’s not the case for my attitude. So, even though my birthday falls on what I call my “methotrexate recovery day”, it can still be a good day.


After all…I’m still here and that’s worth celebrating no matter how I feel! 

So, happy birthday to me!