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I think this is an interesting question because wellness seems to mean different things to different people. There are also different kinds of wellness. There is physical wellness and emotional wellness and it would seem that you can sometimes be one without entirely being the other.

My sarcoidosis provides a perfect example of what I am talking about. I’m not as physically strong as I used to be because of my disease but I am happier than I have ever been despite it or probably because of it.

Over time I have had to learn, and I am still learning, to accept my limits. But as I allow myself the opportunity to accept my physical challenges, I find that I grow emotionally stronger.

Perhaps we are our most well when we are able to balance our physical and emotional health in perfect harmony. There are times when this is not possible however, for reasons out of our control…like my sarcoidosis. So when this happens, maybe it is a good idea to build strength where we can.

So what is wellness? To me wellness is a lot of things…

Wellness is a willingness to allow change.

Wellness is learning acceptance.

Wellness is regular exercise and eating right.

Wellness is being with those you love and appreciating it.

Wellness is choosing your own attitude.

Wellness is going to the doctor when you should.

Wellness is learning the difference between self care and selfishness.

Wellness is a lack of arrogance.

Wellness is making room for creativity.

Wellness is forgiveness.

Wellness is getting enough sleep.

Wellness is staying socially connected to others.

Wellness is eating an apple instead of a cookie.

Wellness is a life time of learning.

Wellness is a journey of self discovery.

What does wellness mean to you?