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In case you don’t know what this means and probably you don’t…methotrexate is one of the medications I take for my sarcoidosis. It is a chemo drug but taken in lower doses for my disease, with the goal of lowering my whacked out, overactive, high strung auto immune system.

It’s a once a week dosage. I take it Thursday evening before bed. I try to sleep through the worse of it but the day after taking it is rough. We call it my “methotrexate recovery day”. It’s always a lost day. I don’t usually get out of bed until 10am or noon and I don’t shower until 2 or 3pm because the fatigue flattens me. I eat very little that day because my stomach is raw and my mouth feels like it is full of metal anyway. My throat is dry and I ache all over. Good times!

I always love the way doctors say, “It’s a low dose, you shouldn’t experience any side effects”….WHAT? REALLLY? HUH? Okay…you take it then!

So on Fridays, I definitely have the “methotrexate hangover blues!”