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So, I kinda feel like putting an “Out of Order” sign on my brain right about now. No wait…how about a “Pardon Our Dust” sign…you know, like the ones retailers use when they keep their doors open during a store’s remodel.

Perhaps it is the change of season, but my brain has gone dormant. My thoughts are disordered. I think I might actually be running out of things to say! Can you believe it?

My mind is full of dust. The words are all scrambled up there and I can’t seem to form any meaningful ideas of late. I think my brain needs a good spring cleaning to clear out the cob webs that are keeping worthwhile ideas and good writing at bay.

Maybe it’s writer’s block but I blame it on the “sarcoidosis sludge” that is now my brain, all thick with misty confused foggy webs dirtying up my once clean, clear head!

Oye…I hate this feeling!

So, please pardon my “dust” (which is code for bad blog posts), while I do some spring cleaning above my shoulders!