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I have a friend named Betty. We’ve never met but we know each other from the wonderful world of the internet. Instead of a “Pen Pal”, she is an “E-mail Pal.” We have regular conversations about life with chronic illness, our families, the news, the weather, books we like, hobbies and everything in between.

Maybe I’ve never actually “met” Betty. I hope one day that I will but I feel like I know her very well.

Betty is a woman of great dignity. She may not always be physically strong but she has a powerful spirit and a fantastic mind. She’s quick witted, full of good cheer and always supportive.

Betty is never boastful or brash. She is kind of heart and always respectful.

Betty is smart. She lives a good life. She is a good mother. She is a loving wife.

We live thousands of miles apart. We’ve never even heard the sound of eachother’s voice but Betty is as good a friend to me as any “in person” friend I have ever had. She is loyal and loving and always thoughtful, remembering to ask about this doctor appointment or that family visit.

Betty is always there for me. She listens. She never judges even when she might not understand and she is full of wisdom.

So, I’m grateful for my “E-mail Pal”, my internet friend because even though she might not be able to drop by for coffee on a lazy Saturday morning, she is only a keyboard away and she is a true friend…a “real” friend to me.