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For a lot of us, it’s been a fabulously lousy winter! Cold. Snow. Rain. Dark. Gloomy. Damp. Hot chocolate used to be my go to drink when it is rotten outside and even my bones are cold. Unfortunately, hot chocolate is full of sugar. And, since my diagnosis of sarcoidosis, sugar and I are no longer friends. Sugar exacerbates the symptoms of my disease. I’m not a coffee drinker…never was expect the occasional cup of decaf.

But the other day my husband asked if I wanted some tea. I was freezing and it was miserable and raining outside so I decided to try it. I can’t drink caffeine either because of my sarcoidosis so I had some herbal tea. I think it was mixed berry or something. My husband put a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk in it. YUMMY! So warm in my tummy and with such a nice flavor.

It got me to wondering about tea. So, first I read the box that the tea came in….low and behold…zero calories! Yippie! I didn’t know that about tea. Then I started reading about the potential health benefits of tea. The information is a little overwhelming and there are so many kinds of tea…some with better health benefits than others. But here’s the gist, tea is full of antioxidants, it can boost exercise endurance, it helps reduce the risk of heart attacks, it helps fight free radicals, it is good for oral health and it is hydrating.

From my early research on tea, it would seem that green tea provides the most health benefits of all of them but black tea helps fight bad breath….interesting. Because there are so many kinds of tea and they don’t all appear to be created equal,  it is important to do your research before deciding what type of tea to drink!

I am just glad that I found something besides water to drink that is good for me, will keep me hydrated and has a little flavor. It also keeps me warm on a cold nasty day. I like tea!

(NOTE: Keeping tea healthy means, drinking it without loads of sugar, though. Adding sugar to tea gives the drink unnecessary calories and is not good for you. I found just a little of that unsweetened vanilla almond milk was enough to give it a nice flavor.)