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(Dedication: To my friend Jules who fights the same disease I do, but does so with admirable grace.)


Quiet bravery is easy to miss in this fast paced, electronic world of instant gratification.

Quiet bravery doesn’t come easily because it require the discipline to be still when things don’t go your way.

Quiet bravery is silent in its strength, never boasting, never bragging.

Quiet bravery stoically confronts fear without theatrics.

Quiet bravery defies misery and pain by going about the business of life without complaint.

Quiet bravery understands the importance of managing pride and accepts humility as part of life.

Quiet bravery does not publicly air grievances but instead noiselessly lives life in gratitude.

Quiet bravery stands up to uncertainty even in the face of overwhelming odds of failure.

Quiet bravery acts without expectation that others will come to the rescue.

Quiet bravery muddles through the muck and mire of life and does not whine.