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There are times when the problems we face seem too big to overcome and they darken our well being, putting us in a terrible state of insecurity, making us question our very resilience.

Sometimes, the challenges presented us, require thoughtful examination. Creative solutions arise in interesting places when we are able to push preconceived ideas out of our head and open our minds to surprise.

We are stronger than we realize. We can conquer our uncertainties when we accept them as part of life. All it takes is a little staying power, a commitment to try and an understanding that the right answer may only come after we first fail a few times.

Not giving up is the key to success. I think it was Thomas Edison who said, “I haven’t failed. I have just found 1,000 ways that won’t work.” It is our attitude toward failure that makes all the difference in our ability to be successful. If we accept failure as part of the process that helps us achieve success, we will be less likely to quit when we get frustrated.

So, no matter how difficult situations may become, there is always a way out, so just keep trying and you’ll find it!