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This might seem strange, especially if you are not an animal lover like I am, but as I was walking the dogs this morning, a thought occurred to me that when we are open to it, we will receive inspiration in unusual places.

Some who regularly read my blog may remember that my puppy, Abby, has a serious heart condition called sub aortic stenosis. In simple terms, she has scarring around the aorta that isn’t supposed to be there. This reduces the ability for her heart to pump blood properly to the rest of her body. She is at risk of a sudden death. She has to be on beta blockers.

So anyway, when I walked the dogs this morning, I was watching my little Abby as she lifted her head toward the sun, soaking it in, and sticking her nose out to enjoy all the weird things dogs love to smell in the windy air. She was happy. She was joyous and she was full of life.

This is when inspiration hit me and is yet another thing my dogs are teaching me. Abby lives her life like nothing is wrong with her. She doesn’t acknowledge her condition in the least. She runs, she plays, she explores. She does all the wonderfully goofy things that a young dog should do.


I want to be like Abby. Despite my sarcoidosis, I just want to live my life like nothing is wrong with me. I want to put it in the background and play and laugh and love and live. Watching Abby enjoy her walk this morning was incredibly inspirational. Who would have thought a dog could set such an example but there it was, so plain to see, because I was open and willing to receive the message.

We can find inspiration all around us, if we allow ourselves to see it. This morning, it came from my dog and I am so grateful for the reminder that I don’t have to be confined by my disease or defined by it. I don’t have to let it rule me. I’m in charge. This is my life.

Watching her take such simple pleasure in her walk this morning, without a care in the world, reminded me that I have choices. I can spend all my time worrying about my disease, which direction it will go and how I am feeling every given moment or I can accept what I can’t change and focus on what I do have control over…my own attitude. I can let go of what isn’t mine anyway and live today…here and now.