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I recently read a blog post of someone I respect greatly, (https://lifeinslowmotionblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/my-crazy-brain-on-chronic-pain/#more-658) and it reminded me of something worth remembering.

Sometimes when you live with chronic illness or chronic pain, it has a way of taking over your life, even as you actively fight not letting it define you. It does this because it impacts everything you do. You can’t be sure you’ll have enough strength to accomplish your goals and your goals are sometimes as simple as getting out of bed and taking a shower! So, you’re in a constant mental battle with your disease and even when you try to push it out of the front of your thinking, it lurks.

But, there are days and times when, for whatever mysterious reason, the symptoms of your disease are at bay. And, these are days of great joy, times worth celebration, occasions worth getting a little crazy.

So remember to celebrate the good days, rejoice in them, go nuts, let loose and have fun. Experiencing the joy in life, no matter what your circumstances are, is important. Experiencing the joy in life, helps us put things in a better light and reminds us that, no matter what else might be happening, we still have much to be grateful for.

These days of low pain or minimal symptoms, are days that provide us hope and hope changes things, it fuels us and helps to push us forward. The good days remind us that we are not our disease. Our broken bodies do not define us.