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Life is full of stops and starts, beginnings and endings and a whole lot of middles, spans of great exertion and intervals of quiet contemplation, sometimes like the great excitement of a roller coaster, more often the speed of a merry go round.

Life detours us, diverts us, side tracks us and closes some avenues. We cannot be certain that we will remain on the road we thought was best for us. Sometimes humanity pushes us toward another route, one we could not see for ourselves.

Life is full of planning and preparation, hard work and organization, as if mapping out the future gives us cause to feel in control, that somehow all of our forethought will guide us to our dreams. Yet in between all of this exertion, introspection, distraction and arranging, the lights come up and curtain closes and it is time for intermission.

Life is full of these intervals of change, hiatuses of adaptation, breaks in the action and times of transition. These are hushed times, rest periods, noiseless fickle spaces of non eventfulness, sometimes vast expanses of unknowing and other times only a flicker of change. Intermissions and transitions are a necessary part of life. They provide a bridge from one part of life to the next and are the connection to all of life’s collective experiences.

Intermissions can be scary, as if being sucked into a deep black darkness. Intermissions create doubt, confusing an already uncertain time in life. Intermissions often feel like a vacuum in time, a huge expansive hole of indecision. Intermissions are perplexing and often vexing as hesitation leads to inaction and inaction to fear.

Life’s intermissions, while daunting, are meant to be a time of reflection, release and liberation. Transitions are a time to unwind, let go and accept that change is coming. These times come with the opportunity to find an alternative perspective and a new purpose.

Intermission is a time for a break, take nourishment, stretch and regroup. It is a time of anticipation of what is to come and an opportunity to take a breath in between acts.