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Last weekend on a warm sun drenched beautiful day, my husband and I were out playing tennis. The sky was a crystal clean blue without a trace of clouds. The temperature was a cool but manageable 62 degrees. The court was a gleaming blue and the lines were stark white as the sun bounced off of them.

I wore a black tennis skirt, a bright red long sleeve sweatshirt, white baseball cap and sunglasses. I was in high spirits, feeling minimal aches and pains, a rare but wonderful surprise. My fatigue was at bay, always a welcomed gift. My mind was sharp and I was ready to play.

It was one of those days where all the cares of the world were someone else’s problem and the joys of the moment were palpable. It didn’t really matter to me how I played, only that I felt well enough to be there, to enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did. I ran after balls, side to side. I chased them to the net. I slammed a few surprises down the line. I also wildly whiffed a couple of balls, sending them flying as if I had a bat in my hand instead of a racquet. It was all great fun!

When I reached down to pick up a ball, I saw an ugly bug. A buggy eyed bug. A nasty little critter. He was soaking in the sun and slowly ambling along to some unknown destination. I stopped for a moment, my foot in the air, thinking about stomping the life out of that ugly bug.

Then something occurred to me. What right did I have to snuff out the life of this little creature minding its own business? It wasn’t doing anything to bother me. In fact, I was in his space. I was outside, where bugs live! So, I slowly lowered my foot away from the bug and walked away.

Sure, I could have killed that bug and who would really have cared? Would it have really been missed? Maybe it had a little bug family waiting for him to come home. I could have killed that bug but there was no need. It was doing no harm. It was enjoying the same beautiful day I was. So, what right did I have to end its life? None.

In all his ugliness that buggy eyed, nasty little bug reminded me that it is always better to live and let live!