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Life is so short. Life is fleeting. I want people to grasp this concept to their core. I want people to stop wasting energy and time in worry and/or in empty minded busyness.

I hear people talk all the time about how “busy” they are. They both complain about it and wear it as a badge of honor, as if their busyness means they are somehow important. These half-hearted complaints reek of insecurity and I want to shake these people and tell them to get over their need to stay in motion.

It’s all going to be gone in an instant and what will these busy, worried people have to show for it? Nothing. In their haste, they will miss what is most important…the here and now…what is right in front of us! These are the moments we cannot get back. The only time we actually have is right now. If you don’t slow down and take it in, you miss it. It’s that simple.

Sometimes I just want to shake people and tell them to wake up. Life on this earth is not limitless. It will end. I took this granted once…before I got sick. Maybe you need a life altering experience to “get it”. I don’t know. All I know is that I want everyone to wake up…see things differently…appreciate this moment…right now…it will not come again. There are no “take backs” or “re-dos”.

I’ve touched on this throughout my blog, often with more eloquence, sometimes even poetically but right now I am not feeling poetic. I am feeling urgency.