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I wrote a piece a week or so ago about kale. It included a recipe for greens and beans. It became my most popular blog post to date. I suspected that it might get a few “likes” from good friends who loyally read and “like” just about everything I write and maybe one or two others. Never in my wildest dreams did I suspect that it would become my most popular blog post.

I pour my heart out about life with chronic disease and I get a fair number of views and visits but not a ton of “likes” and I understand this as there isn’t much to “like” about life with a chronic condition. But I never thought there was that much to “like” about kale either. Apparently, I was wrong!

So, it just goes to show you that the moment you hit the “publish” button, it is anyone’s guess what will become of your blog post. I don’t think people should write with the goal of receiving “likes”, mind you. I think blog writers should write about whatever is on their mind, whatever is important to them and not be concerned with who “likes” it or who doesn’t. It just amuses me to contemplate how you really can’t ever be sure what will resonate with a reader.

The focus of my blog will continue to be about life with my disease, with an unwavering hope that if I say one small thing that helps someone else, I have done a good thing. Of course, I write about other things too. I enjoy examining my own thoughts on life but I find myself doing this in direct relation to having gotten sick and how my priorities have changed, so in a way, it is still writing about my disease. The only reason I wrote about kale in the first place, is because I decided to occasionally add a healthy recipe as a way of gently cajoling folks to think about their diet and to offer ways they can make some positive changes in meal preparation. Diet changes have helped me live a healthier life even in the face of chronic disease.

So, sometimes it may not seem like I am writing about my life with chronic illness but even when I’m not…I am! And maybe, just maybe, my readers will “like” what I have to say. Even if they don’t, I will continue to write about my journey, my thoughts on life and hope that when my words are meant to, they speak to people who need to hear them.