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I’ve written a fair amount on my blog regarding the power of words. Words do matter. But sometimes, they are don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes, especially when what we say and what we do don’t match, words don’t mean a thing. Actions can erase our words, cancel them out.

There are times when our actions actually tell us more than all the words in the dictionary. So for as much as I have said that words matter, actions matter just as much. Both words and actions have the power to heal or to harm. Both words and actions have the strength to connect us or tear us apart. Both words and actions have the ability to influence us in good ways and bad.

Words tell but actions show and seeing is believing. So, actions become crucial because they are the backbone for our words. They bring our words to life. Actions provide context to our words. Actions are real. Actions either keep promises or break them. Actions make true intentions known. Action often removes doubt.

Actions speak in ways words cannot.