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To fight or not to fight…that is the question for the chronically ailed.

The answer for me is easy, I will fight. I will fight until my last breath. I will push. I will challenge myself. I will feel pain. I will be fatigued. I will be short of breath. I will get frustrated. I will be scared. But, I will fight.

I will fight to live as normal a life as possible. I will fight to manage the side effects of my medications. I will fight an array of bizarre symptoms. I will claw my way through the healthcare system. I will fight the fear of uncertainty. I will go ten rounds with depression. I will fight. I will kick. I will punch. I will strike. I will fight!

If I have to have daily skirmishes with my sarcoidosis, I will fight each battle one at a time, sometimes I will win and others I will lose. But I will fight.

This war is far from over!

I’ve got my gloves on and I am in the ring. I am ready!