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Once you saw me. Now you don’t.

I don’t know why you make this choice when once you didn’t.

Sometimes I feel like even if I scream at the top of my lungs, I am not heard.

If I bang on the door as hard as I can, it remains unanswered.

Despite wildly waving my arms in the air, I am still unseen.

I am concealed…trapped by an unexplainable wall.

I am hidden from sight…left in baffling silence.

I am invisible…confused by a mysterious distance.

No matter what I do to get your attention, you don’t acknowledge me.

No matter how hard I try to reach you, the gap only grows wider.

No matter what I say, it goes without reply.

I am unnoticed…in this peculiar wordless place.

I am undetected…saddened by this indescribable barrier.

I am invisible…lost in misunderstanding.

You choose not to see me. You choose to ignore me.

I don’t know why.

But in the end, your choice becomes your loss.

If you choose not to see me, you will miss the benefit of my wisdom.

If you choose to keep me invisible, you will miss the joy we could have shared.

If you choose not to acknowledge me, you miss the opportunity to know me.