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Hope can be a funny little thing. It’s a necessary part of life, of course, for without it, where would we find our purpose to press forward in difficult times? Yet, it is precisely during difficult times that hope, a funny little thing, becomes elusive. I suppose that’s because when times are good, we don’t think about hope even though it is the very thing that brought us our happiness in the first place. Funny, huh?

When I think about hope, which is frequently, both because it is a theme throughout my blog but also and perhaps more importantly, because it is what gets me through each day living with a chronic condition, I can’t help but wonder…”How do I hold on to it?”

Admittedly, it is not easy but I have three simple thoughts on hope. Here they are:

  1. Hope takes courage – It is easy to give up when things are difficult and we don’t see a way out of pain, out of uncertainty, out of sorrow. But holding on to hope in the face of such complex feelings, believing they will end even if we don’t know how, well, that is courageous.
  2. Hope does not require answers – If we always had all the answers to our troubles, hope would be irrelevant. But we don’t always know how things will turn out even when we try to control them. Hope allows us to find comfort in the word “maybe” and the word “maybe” gives us the ability to keep pressing forward.
  3. Hope requires honesty – We are bound to have moments of doubt, of dread, of utter sadness. This is okay. But, we have to be honest about them, accept them for what they are and then release them. When we do this, hope can swoop in and fill the void. We have to make room for hope.

So there you have it…my three simple thoughts for holding on to hope.

In order to be hopeful, you have to be brave, you have to accept unpredictability and you have to be truthful.

Good luck to you, my friends, on your journey to live a hopeful life in the face of life’s challenges.