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The disavowal of unpleasant realities, to assuage paralyzing fear of the unknown, as day breaks and an ordinary day begins.

A powerfully unconscious ability to disclaim that which creates a quiet but pervading anxiety, as mundane chores are completed.

Life lived in the present moment, pushing irksome facts out of view, unwilling to accept their call for recognition as day shifts to evening and another twenty four hours comes to a close.

Routine business conducted with an undercurrent of insufferable angst, deafened by the noise of distracted activity as time pushes forward.

Barricades against dreadful unspoken worry, easier to be ignored than acknowledged, ensuring that uncertainty remains quieted by the clatter of familiar tasks, as minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days, days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months and months turn to years.

A way to cope.

A means to survive.

The secret to life with chronic illness.