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A vast unending spectrum of color, lite up by the power of imagination, ingenuity, joy, faith, fear, love, happiness, war and peace.

A huge gaping bottomless crater void of understanding, full of invisible uncertainty, relentlessly lonely, impossibly vast.

A flicker of promise, a split second of hope, a flash of light, a snap of the fingers, illusive, swiftly flying by, no way to slow its ever charging speed.

A raging river current, flowing against a rocky shoreline, pushing and rushing forever forward in one direction.

A state of complete purity, without regret and free of remorse, like freshly fallen snow, unpolluted and glistening, white and glowing, beautiful against the hard cold ground.

A maze of meaningless direction going nowhere, going everywhere, searching, seeking, lurching, and hoping, changing all the time.

A dew soaked valley of haunting beauty, foggy with memories as day breaks and recollections fade, lost in the emptiness of time.

A gravelly dirt road filled with potholes, divots, hollows and pits, bumpy and uncomfortable, moving the journey along to its inevitable conclusion.

A downy soft meadow of fragrant flowers, peaceful and serene, restful and wondrous, full of the gifts and bounty of creation.

A paradox, a contradiction, incongruous, undetermined, vague, mysterious…

Fascinating, extraordinary, terrifying, striking, expansive, restricting, unknown…

Shifting, adjusting, sorrowful, marvelous…

One of a kind…