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Recently I was watching some show on HGTV, I forget which one, but the owners of a home were brought into their house for “the big reveal” of some sort of remodel. I noticed that the word amazing was being used a lot as the homeowers took in the changes to their abode. The word amazing was used way too much, so much so that here I am writing a blog about it!

What struck me as I sat there watching the “amazing” reveal unfold, is that we often overuse the wrong words. Here’s what I mean. The word amazing is actually a very powerfully descriptive word. It means that something is startlingly impressive. It means something is astonishing. It means something is wondrous.

Having your home remodeled is not amazing. People remodel their homes all the time. There is nothing startlingly impressive about it. A remodeled house might be an improvement, making a home more aesthetically pleasing but it is not wondrous.

The overuse of words diminishes their power. The misuse of words change their meaning. The overuse of words is unoriginal. Using the wrong words to describe something is hackneyed. Words become stale when they are improperly communicated.

Since starting my blog, I have developed a new found appreciation for communication and for the significant role words play in what we actually say.

Words are important but we take them for granted.

We could all do a better job respecting words.