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My life is small now, no longer the ever important administrator, reining supreme over my poor put upon employees, no longer toiling day into evening fretting over this corporate decision or that.

My life is small now, no longer energized by analyzing potential problems from every angle in a foolish attempt to stay ahead of the next crisis.

My life is small now, no longer interested in the bottomless pursuit of perfection, constantly striving to be better than my peers, ever eager to surpass my supervisor’s wit and wisdom.

My life is small now, no longer in need of approval for a job done exceedingly well at the expense of valued time with family and friends.

My life is small now, no longer obsessed with the mad pursuit of the next great opportunity, defining myself by what I do instead of being who I truly am.

My life is small now from a strange disease, rarely heard of by most and without a cure.

My life is small now because of a chronic condition that waxes and wanes and ebbs and flows like a constantly moving sometimes raging river current.

My life is small now, no longer having the stamina to pursue my once all consuming goals that I mistook for having great purpose.

I can be sad that my life is small now but I’m not.

I can dwell on what used to be but I don’t.

I can cry over lost plans but I won’t.

Instead, I celebrate my small life and I rejoice in the stillness for with the quiet comes insight and insight brings new perspective and new perspective brings peace and peace brings real, boundless and lasting joy.

My life took an unexpected turn.

It took an unscheduled stop.

My life is small now.

I love my small beautiful life.