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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my 100th blog post! 100 posts! In celebration of this great milestone, I issue all those who regularly read my blog or who have stumbled on this post today, a challenge. I challenge you to create a list of 100 things that make you happy, that bring you joy or make you grateful. Once your list is complete, issue the same challenge to your friends and family and start spreading good cheer all over the place!

Here’s my list:

1. Everything about my husband

2. My dogs

3. My home

4. My family

5. My husband’s family

6. Time spent with good friends

7. Freedom of speech

8. Feeling safe

9. Having good medical care and excellent health insurance

10. Never having to feel hungry

11. Knowing that while I might not always get what I want…all my needs are met

12. My step father’s booming laugh

13. Knowing that happiness is a choice

14. Day trips to Tanger Outlet Mall

15. Netflix

16. Creating my blog

17. Being able to see, hear and walk

18. Reading other peoples blogs

19. Diversity

20. Open mindedness

21. A desire to keep learning and growing

22. Writing

23. The beach and the sound the ocean

24. Getting to know new people and making new friends

25. Peace


I am a quarter of a way through my list, with plenty more happiness to report, and as I write this list, I realize that my life is blessed with many gifts in the form of wonderful people, great stuff and good memories. Start your list today…it will make you feel good and put things in perspective.

26. Chipotle Mexican Grill Veggie burrito bowls

27. Good books

28. A clean house…especially vacuumed rugs!

29. Helping others

30. My bed

31. Creating jewelry

32. Having a drama free life

33. Being able to stay home

34. Naps

35. Clean running drinking water

36. Sunshine and blue skies

37. Puffy white clouds

38. An occasional rainy day

39. Cooking and learning new recipes

40. Taking a walk with the dogs at the park

41. Photography

42. Dark chocolate bars

43. Knowing I am loved

44. The sound of church bells, train whistles, rain on the roof and children laughing

45. Understanding the power of words

46. Being able to forgive

47. Understanding acceptance is not necessarily resignation

48. Cats – yes…I like cats…having a nice cat curled up in your lap is wonderful

49. Puppies in general…so cute!

50. A warm fire in the fireplace on a cold winter day


I am half way through my list and there are still a lot of things to add. Writing this list in and of itself brings me joy. Things are always waiting to get in the way of our happiness but no matter our circumstances, we control the way we choose to look at life. Good luck with your list…start it now!

51. Sequoia trees

52. Colors…colors are amazing

53. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you solve a difficult problem

54. Teddy bears

55. Warm blankets

56. Clean laundry

57. New shoes

58. Having choices

59. Playing tennis

60. Old people

61. Good humor

62. Being able to appreciate when someone can do something better than I do it

63. Music

64. A hot shower

65. Warm slippers

66. Stickley furniture

67. The Grand Canyon

68. Chinese food

69. Art museums

70. How eating healthy foods makes me feel

71. Looking at old photos and reminiscing about happy memories

72. Vacations

73. Days off for my husband

74. Living a simple life

75. My old beat up 2004 Honda Accord

76. Pictures of animals being cute and doing funny things

77. Not having to be right all the time

78. Freshly manicured toe nails

79. Hugs

80. The smell of freshly brewed coffee

81. The wind

82. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning

83. Saving money for retirement

84. Throwing a party

85. Every new day I am given

86. Great sales

87. Full moons and starry nights

88. Georgia pine trees and Japanese Maple trees

89. Bike riding on Hilton Head, Island

90. Self acceptance

91. Watching my dogs “chase rabbits” while they sleep

92. Optimism

93. The Dingle Peninsula in Ireland

94. Decorated Christmas trees

95. The Wire, Breaking Bad and Mad Men (Great TV)

96. Finishing the dishes and sitting down after dinner knowing the kitchen is clean for the night

97. Aquariums…creatures that live in the water are really interesting

98. Skype and video chatting with far away family

99. Enjoying the success of others

100. That there are another 100 things to be happy about!