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Sarcoidosis is called a snowflake disease because it seems never to impact any two people the exact same way. While there are some generalities about the disease, like 90+% of people impacted have some lung involvement, the symptoms are wide ranging and somewhat random. It can impact any organ and reek havoc accordingly or go quietly away resolving on its own. It’s truly an unpredictable disease…much like a snow storm can be.

But I like snow. It’s pretty; especially when it first falls and blankets the earth. Everything looks fresh again as the dead autumn leaves that never got raked are tucked away under a beautiful white sheen.

Or when it is falling in big flakes out the living room window and you feel like you’re in a real life snow globe.

Snow is especially pretty when it reflects off the moon and the stars at night giving off a bluish glow.


I like snow because it is hot chocolate season…or better yet a good time for warm apple cider complete with a cinnamon stick. Yum.

Snow means it’s snuggling time, all warm and cozy under a blanket, watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” for a thousand and one times, while a fire crackles and dances in the fire place beside you.


I love building snowmen..a whole family if possible and just like the flakes they are made with…no two ever seem to come out the same.


So when I hear that I have a snowflake disease, instead of being upset, I know that I am unique. I am special. No one is like me. Others may be similar but I am one of a kind.

I’ve decided to embrace this idea of snowflakes when I think of my disease rather than the uncertainty of what’s to come. Instead, I’ve decided to think of myself as distinctive, unrepeated, individual, rare, uncommon….beautiful just the way I am!