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So, actors always say that performing comedy is harder than acting out a drama.

I think writing comedy is harder than writing about a serious topic.

My first real attempt at humor was a post I wrote a couple of days ago called, “Things I Wonder About…” (Here’s the link in case you missed it: https://sarcoidsoldier.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/things-i-wonder-about/)

I wasn’t being judgmental of anyone. I really don’t care who has a big tattoo on their lower back and who doesn’t. I was just asking questions based on random generalized observations I have made over the years.

Did people understand that I was kidding…that wondering when slippers became an acceptable form of footwear for public places is not actually what I worry most about in life?

I think written humor is even harder to convey than comedic acting because you have to have enough confidence in your words that the reader will get your tone without the benefit of visual aid. There are no hand gestures or facial expressions to help convey your meaning.

The reader has to be able to hear your humor as they read it. This is no easy task because if the reader misunderstands you then the goal of your satire is lost. You have to hope that you’ve used enough of the right words for your true intend to be clear.


This is a totally different skill than writing something serious and requires more mastery over language and word usage than writing anything else. It is a far more arduous process and the risk of failure much higher.

So, please be patient at my failed attempts to be humorous…and I promise not to try it too much!