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Why do strangers think they can touch a pregnant woman’s belly?

What ever happened to men holding the door open for women?

Why is it called “news” when TV personalities share ignorant and often politically slanted opinions about current events?


No offense Matt.

When did it become fashionable for a woman to get a big tattoo on her lower back?

Who thinks it is okay to ask childless married couples why they don’t have kids?

Is there anything “real” about reality TV?

What makes one person develop a chronic health condition and another not?

Why don’t people understand wearing sweatpants in public is advertising that you’ve just given up?

Will the world ever really be a peaceful place?


Why don’t young people respect their elders anymore?

What is up with white people wanting to touch black people’s hair?

Why are women so obsessed with shoes?

Why is it called “social” when you have a screen of some sort jammed in your face for the purposes of communication?


Is this why people don’t look each other in the eye anymore when they are actually forced to participate in verbal dialogue?

Why do some people who get cancer go into remission and others die?

Are our childhood pets waiting for us in heaven?

Why would anyone be cruel to animals?

Will my sarcoidosis get worse?

Will I ever need a lung transplant?


Why do we worry because it doesn’t change anything?

What is up with all the handicap spots at Wal-mart always being taken?

Why do rich women believe small dogs are fashion accessories?

Would the world be a better place if cat people and dog people could live together in harmony?


Why is baseball America’s pastime?

Why do men feel they need to create a “cave” for themselves in their own home?

Why shouldn’t we celebrate diversity?

Do psychics really believe they have a “gift”?

Why do women love pillows so much?

Can someone tell me when genocide ever makes sense?

But mostly I wonder…when did slippers became an acceptable form of footwear for public places?