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I know that I write a lot about my disease and what it is doing to me…how it has changed me physically and the emotional toll it takes. That’s primarily what this blog is about…how I survive it day by day.

But more importantly, this blog is of one of hope…one of encouragement because I know that despite having sarcoidosis, I have a beautiful life. I have a blessed life.

A beautiful life is one filled with love, one that is safe, one that is happy and peaceful. I have a life filled with a bounty of love and profound joy.

A blessed live is one filled with favor, one that is protected, one that is full of grace. I have these things in my life in abundance.

I also understand without question, that no matter what my trials might be, they are not the whole of me nor are they the hardest crosses to bear.

Life is full of challenges for every person. I am not special in that regard and in that regard I am likely more fortunate than most because I have never felt that I have been given more than I can handle.

In fact, my life has been full of more gifts than crosses. And for every cross I have been asked to bear, I have been given something far greater and unexpected in return. And, this happens over and over again…things happening beyond my wildest dreams and in the mist of uncertainty the path being made clear.

I may have physical pain. I may struggle with a strangely named, rarely heard of disease that even most doctors don’t know how to treat but I am gifted with a beautiful and blessed life regardless.

Sometimes, I think it is important to take a moment to stop and recognize these gifts, these beautiful blessings and to give thanks for a wonderful life.