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Zoey is twelve years old this week! I cannot believe how time has flown by. Zoey is a wonderful dog who is to us, a true member of the family. She has my heart and she is my best pal! I have a million pictures of her but here is just a tiny snapshot of a dog’s life well lived!

Zoey comes home 001

Zoey at eight weeks in Rochester NY. The day we brought her home. It was love right away for us both! (January 2003 NY)

Zoey comes home 064

The week we brought Zoey home there was a snow storm! Potty training a puppy in the winter is NOT a good idea. She loves the snow though. (January 2003 NY)

6 months 053

Zoey at six months. (June 2003 NY)

8 months 001

Zoey at eight months. She is really starting to look like a classic Old English Sheepdog now! ( August 2003 NY)

mt. vernon_new car_zoey 027

Zoey at one year after we left NY and moved to Columbia MD. (November 2003 MD)


Flash forward now living in Georiga…Zoey five years old. This is our first snow storm living in the south…it made us homesick for NY! (February 2008 GA)


The beginning of many trips to Hilton Head Island. Zoey also loves the beach.  (September 2011 SC)


Zoey meets Abby for the first time. She isn’t quite sure what to think of a new puppy joining the family but she has a 16 hour ride home from NY where we went to get Abby to figure it out! (April 2014 NY to GA)


A week or so after bringing Abby home. She looks up to her big sister Zoey already! (April 2014 GA)


The girls become pals in no time at all and it turns out Zoey enjoys being a bossy big sister after all! (April 2014 GA)


I’ve never known a dog who loves to get her picture taken more than Zoey. She loves to pose for the camera. She’s 11 years old in this picture but still having a ball! (May 2014 GA)


Zoey has always loved her toys! (August 2014 GA)


Zoey naps after a play session with Abby. The puppy is wearing my old girl out but they both love it! Abby waits patiently for Zoey to wake up so they can play again!  (May 2014)


She’s always been her happiest at the beach. (September 2014 SC)


Happy birthday beautiful girl! You are loved! (November 2014 GA)