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I was hesitant to start a blog. I was hesitant to start a blog about something so personal…my life with chronic illness.

Once I participated in an online support group for people with my disease. I think I have written about this group here on my blog one other time. It wasn’t the most positive experience, I’ll say that. A group meant to be of support was filled with demoralizing comments toward people pouring their hearts out in pain and uncertainty. Even though I escaped most of this vial behavior from coming directly at me and even though it wasn’t always like that on the site there was enough of this kind of behavior that I felt the need to leave. I am sure this site is helpful for some. It just wasn’t for me.

The behavior I saw on that site was enough for me to think twice about starting my blog. People sometimes find it easy to hind behind their computer screens in anonymity and just be nasty in the comment section without thought that they are actually speaking to other REAL live human beings… with feelings even!

But since I started my blog, I have found a world of interesting people from all walks of life also willing to share their deepest feelings about a whole host of subjects and life events. A group of fellow travelers, if you will. And I am always amazed and honored at the kindness with which I am received by fellow bloggers.

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The encouragement I have found from my fellow bloggers has been overwhelming and outstanding. It has restored my faith that people aren’t all blind to the real flesh and the real blood sitting at the keyboard perhaps a world away from one another and that there really are people who WANT to be kind and supportive and encouraging of the endeavors of others…even complete strangers.

Fellow bloggers who follow me or browse my page from time to time or who take the time to write kind encouraging comments to my ramblings….thank you.

Fellow bloggers who take the time to write interesting, thought provoking blogs of your own…thank you.

Fellow bloggers who inspire, who write to make the world more interesting, who write to make the world a better place…thank you.

Fellow bloggers who write about things I know nothing about and whose wonderful words broaden my understanding of the world…thank you.

Fellow bloggers who write so much better than I do and teach me to be a better writer by your example…thank you.

Fellow bloggers who have the courage to share your experiences, your strength and your hope for a better world…thank you.

Fellow bloggers…I dig you!