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Laura wedding 022

Hard to describe

One of a kind

Not like any other

Not the cookie baking type

Not overly emotional or terribly affectionate

Mostly fun and always funny

Quick with a witty comeback

Often smiling

A woman of particular pride

Always looking good


Beautiful inside and out

Family focused

Loyal to the core



An example to follow

Someone worth looking up to

Fiercely private – “Don’t talk outside of the family” (She might actually have hated my blog…hard to say)

Full of interesting advice – “What can you expect from a pig but a grunt.”  or  “Never kick a dead cat.”

Never judgmental but always opinionated


Physically fit

Cautiously adventurous

A rule follower at heart

Imperfectly wonderful

My mother – Marianne

Deeply, deeply missed

June 1945- October 2005