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Someone recently asked me why I am blogging (is that really a verb?) about my life. This person wanted to know why I was being so open about something so private…my life with sarcoidosis. After all, I don’t make any money doing this. So what’s the point?

It’s a legitimate question, I suppose and I wasn’t prepared with an immediate answer.

I do know that writing helps me sort through my feelings. It helps me see things differently. It opens my mind to new ideas and thoughts I might not have otherwise had. But it’s true that it is personal. And the funny thing about me is, I don’t even have a Facebook page. I’m big into my privacy so it is a bit ironic that here I am blogging about my journey with complicated health issues.


So why am I doing this?

Perhaps it is in an effort to connect with others like me.

Maybe it is because I hope to help someone else with what I am learning.

Possibly it is a purely selfish attempt to help my family and friends who follow my blog better understand me.

It does give me some much needed sense of purpose. It is something I feel compelled to do.

All I know is that I like to write. I enjoy it and it helps me discover new parts of myself. Writing helps me better discern my experiences and sort though the complex emotions that come with living a life.

My life happens to involve living with a chronic health condition but life is a maze for everyone and we are all just trying to find our way.


So I guess, I write for myself, if truth be told. But I also write in hopes that some times something I might say will ring true for someone else and they will gain wisdom and strength from my words.

Anyway, I guess the short answer is…I blog because it is cathartic.