So, my husband read my blog tonight. His feedback was that I am starting to get “preachy” and he was worried that I would be turning readers off.

Granted my recent posts are more forcefully written. They are things that I feel strongly about. But they are not meant to be “preachy”.

The reason I write what I write is because I have learned something about that particular topic either from my own mistakes and or through observation of the human condition. Usually it is some combination of both.

I don’t ever intend to tell other people how to live. How you live is up to you.

My only hope is that you will enjoy my writing and take something useful from it for yourself.

So, if I’ve been a bit “preachy”, I don’t intend to be and I don’t intend to offend anyone.

My writing style is evolving so I appreciate you sticking with me through these transitions and for your understanding regarding my intend.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for supporting me in my writing efforts.