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Boastfulness is defined as outspoken conceit.

And conceit is narcissistic.

And narcissism is extreme self interest.

Arrogance is egoism.

Egoism breeds excessive self importance.

And self importance is pompous and boring.

Pride is an overdeveloped feeling of self satisfaction.

Self satisfaction is smug.

Smugness is pretentious.


Behind boastfulness is terror that we are not good enough.

And arrogance is weakness masquerading as strength.

Pride actually reeks of self doubt.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be your best self.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to do good work.

There is nothing wrong with not being sure.

There is something wrong when we don’t accept we will not always be the best. Sometimes someone else is better. That’s okay. We can learn from them.

There is something wrong when we cannot acknowledge we are sometimes weak. Everyone has weakness inside of them. Everyone is imperfect in some way. Our imperfections are what make us unique.

There is something wrong when we fail to accept that we don’t know everything. Questioning ourselves helps us evaluate our decisions and give us a sense of humility.

So I will embrace my desire to be better but I will not brag about it.

I will accept my weaknesses and try to learn from them.

And I will acknowledge my doubts and fears in order to make better choices.

But boastfulness, arrogance and pride…no thanks!