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The longer I am on this planet, the more I realize that in most cases we can either be happy or we can be right but a lot of times we cannot be both. I used to think being right, being victorious, being in the know, having the answer, the last word was equal to being happy.

But over time I have learned that when you spend all your time explaining your rightness to the throngs of those who just don’t get it, you simply turn into an annoying gasbag. And people eventually grow weary of you and move away from you leaving you alone on your high horse of self righteousness and justification.


Being right all the time is a lonely lonely place and does not leave room for happiness or peace or joy because being right all the time is filled with hubris. It is haughty. And it is ugly.

Happiness is the choice to be yourself and let others be themselves – free of judgment. Happiness makes room for diversity and welcomes differing opinions.


Happiness opens us to learning what we would otherwise miss when stuck in that obnoxious irreproachable place.

Happiness does not happen by accident. Happiness is something we decide to be or not to be.

More often than not the truly right answer is somewhere in the middle. Most situations in life are not monochrome. They are not a single color but when I’ve been stuck in self righteousness, I only see red. I am not open to alternative ideas and I am closed off from the needs and feelings of others. I am not an empathetic person and I am not the person I want to be.

Being stuck in a righteous place makes for alienation.

Being stuck in a righteous place makes for a solitary existence.

Being stuck in righteousness is smug.

Happiness on the other hand, makes room for new experiences.

Happiness makes room for wonderful memories.

Happiness does not judge.

Happiness is a moderating force.

Happiness brings people together.

Happiness is freedom.

I chose happiness.