September 11th. This is a hard day for me and has been since that beautiful sunny day in 2001 when in a matter of unsuspecting hours, a nation was forever changed.

Over 3,000 innocent lives were lost on this day thirteen years ago. People on their way to work. People starting their day without even a hint that they would die that day let alone lose their lives so violently. I cannot begin to fathom the level of hatred needed to commit such horrific acts.

But it’s not the offenders, the violators I chose to remember on this day. Instead, I think of the families of those who lost loved ones. I quietly praise first responders for their bravery that day and every day since. I appreciate with pride our military and their families for the sacrifices they make to keep our nation and the world safe.

September 11th is a day that changed a nation. A nation that once thought of itself as untouchable…no longer.

September 11th should not be forgotten.