What do you give the man who has everything on such a momentous day – a 70th birthday? Material things are a means to an end for this man. And this man has always asked for socks and hangers on gift giving holidays. He’s not getting socks OR hangers for his 70th birthday.

This man turning 70 is a man admired by many and full of love for humanity spending most, if not all of his professional career in the service of others and volunteering countless hours to those in need, sharing and lending his experience, strength and hope with the most disadvantaged.

This man turning 70 is a man brave in the face of challenges and after losing his beloved wife of 20 plus years in the most cruel and abrupt fashion, he forged on looking toward the future while never losing sight of the past.

This man turning 70 is a man able to reinvent himself and not only survive the unexpected but thrive despite it or perhaps because of it. He has a way of taking the darkest of situations and turning them into light.

This man turning 70 is a man full of hope, full of passion and always idealistic even after 70 years of life. He uses this idealism to better his community and where he sees a need, he strives to find answers, to bring relief and end suffering.

This man turning 70 is a man in constant search of peace and happiness and joy and his smile and laugh are infectious.

This man turning 70 is always growing and learning. He reads non fiction like most read fiction, devouring knowledge like M&M candies…always looking for more and never tiring of it.

This man turning 70 is all about loyalty and love and kindness, taking care of step children as if they were his own for which one is particularly thankful because had this man not been there, who knows where she would be now.

70 years of a valued, treasured life.

70 year of a gifted life.

70 years of a life shared with others more grateful than words.

70 years of a life well lived.

Bob, I didn’t know what to get you so I give you these words shared from deep within my heart and with more love than can fill the Grand Canyon.

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!