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Spontaneity is an important part of life. It brings unexpected joy, fun memories and good times otherwise missed.

However, spontaneity with Sarcoidosis is hard. Not impossible but hard. Spontaneity isn’t supposed to be hard. With Sarcoidosis, my first inclination is hesitation. This is what makes spontaneity a challenge.

Since I am realizing this, I have decided to conduct an experiment. I am going to say yes to everything and see how it goes. (Nobody better ask me to jump out of a plane though…I would have to draw the line there.)

I know that having Sarcoidosis requires me to accept new limits. I get tired more easily and there are pain issues to deal with. But I don’t have to be afraid of life and despite having to accept some new limitations, I want to live as normally as possible.


So, I’m not going to let fear overtake me…fear of pain, fear of shortness of breath, fear of fatigue. I will accept my limitations but I will not lose spontaneity.


Even if Sarcoidosis makes me plan for it!