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I may be a little bias (see above) about this but here goes…

Dog people, that is, people who love dogs, are in my humble opinion a nicer group of people than nearly all others. I’ll share  “scientific” research to back this up later.  But first let me share my own observations. Such observations are best made when I take my dogs to the park for a walk.

I think dogs not only have the ability to sniff out cancer but I believe they also have an ability to identify the hard hearted, the meanies of the world, the unhappy lot. When I take the dogs for a walk at the park and observe how people respond to them, I can immediately tell who is likely an old wise soul, who is a fun or kindly person and who is probably an unhappy loner.

The old wise souls usually get down look the dogs in the eye and as they pet the dogs, the dogs are calm and zen like. When the fun or kindly people stop me to ask if they can pet the dog, the dogs usually get excited and jump on them, behavior not typically allowed but behavior these folks encourage as they laugh and laugh at the dogs excitement and utter adorableness. I mean seriously how can you not love these nuts balls?


Then there are the meanies. They are people that just glare at me with disdain as if my mere presence at the park with my beautiful dogs has ruined not just their day but their entire week. These are generally sour faced people anyway, unhappy to their core. But the way they respond to the dogs tell you all you need to know. It’s not that they look this way because they are having bad day. This is the way they interact in the world all the time. This is who they are. My dogs usually attempt to give these people a subtle lick as they walk past us which if often met with pure unadulterated disgust. And it are these people my dogs help me avoid like the plague.

In fact, if you don’t like dogs. It is very hard for you to be part of my world. And frankly, I don’t know if I want you to be part of my world because I have to question your character except of course if you have an allergy to them. That I can forgive.

Dogs are by far some of the coolest animals on God’s Green Earth. Dogs provide companionship and near unconditional love. The only thing they ask for in return is your love. Dogs are good for our health. Petting a dog can reduce high blood pressure and they can warn someone with epilepsy that they may have a seizure soon. Dogs protect us. I mean how often have you heard of “guard cats” or “guard birds”, right? And they work in law enforcement to sniff out bad guys, illegal drugs and find lost children. You’ll never find a cat doing that!

Here comes the “science”. While cat people may be smarter, according to studies, dog people are friendlier. That’s right researchers have studied this concept! In one research study 600 college students were surveyed and asked among other things if they preferred cats or dogs. While 60% of those surveyed said they preferred dogs, only 11% preferred cats. The rest either preferred neither or liked both equally. And what researchers found from this study, albeit very limited, is that dog people are more out going. They are friendlier and they follow rules. Cat people on the other hand tended to be more introverted and sensitive and smarter. The thinking being that because they are more isolated they turn to books more than dog people. Here’s the link of you want to read the article yourself: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dog-people-and-cat-people-have-different-personality-traits-study-finds/

Now mind you, I”m not against cat lovers. I think what scares me are people how don’t like pets at all. I just happen to be a dog person and convert at that. Once upon a time, I much preferred cats. We didn’t have dogs growing up so I didn’t know any better. But when I met my husband he had a dog and that’s when my love affair with dogs began. I came to appreciate their clownish, loving behavior on a level I never could with the serious aloof nature of the cat personality.

Besides did you know that research also shows that dog owner tend to be in better physical health than other people? Dog owners tend to get more daily exercise because this is one fun way they can interact with their pet. And according to another study dog owners are better able to handle stress and this is in part because they are generally healthier than cat people or people who do not have pets.

In my experience of having been both a cat person and dog person, I find that I am, in fact happier, owning dogs. Dogs can be exhausting, I won’t deny that. On a cold winter’s day they can look at you with begging eyes, because they don’t care it’s cold out, they just want to take a walk. They can come up to you with toy after toy begging you to play with them while you are busily attempting to complete some other project that doesn’t involve them. But dogs will no matter what you do, always love you and they will follow you anywhere.

Dogs rule! And their people are cool!