Since starting my blog, I noticed that my most popular post is about what my dogs are teaching me. I think that’s because…well…who doesn’t love dogs, right? Maybe cat people…but then they probably wouldn’t look at a blog post about dogs teaching us lessons, would they?

The great dog vs cat debate is a controversy I don’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. People are way too passionate about their pets for me to want to offend anyone. Besides, in full disclosure, I am a convert. I used to be a cat person. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I was a cat person, well on my way to “crazy cat lady” status with two cats when I met my husband. Once you get two cats, three isn’t so bad and so on. So once you have two cats, watch out…you’re on your way. But my then future husband had a dog. His name was Bailey and he was big, smart and hairy – the dog – not my husband. He was an Old English Sheepdog. The breed of dog I am now hooked on. The clowns of the dog world, if you will.

Generally I am a lover of all animals. I’m even a vegan! But I didn’t grow up with dogs so when I met Bailey for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of him or how to interact with him. Cats and dogs are quite different in that regard. After all, dogs come when you call them. Cats just look at you like they could care less. They come when they want to come. Dogs lay at your feet. Dogs look at you with love. Dogs are loyal. Cats look at you with disdain. Cats want to kill you when you are sleeping. That’s part of their charm.

Bailey wasn’t allowed on furniture either. So, he never got in my lap. Cats like to lay in your lap sometimes. In fact, to this day, I miss that feeling. A warm cat, purring in your lap on a cold winter’s day….ah there is nothing quite like it. My husband always says that is when they’re doing their best planning to kill you when you sleep. He was never a cat person.

In fact when we married, we became a blended household. One big dog and two cats. The cats were not so affectionately referred to as “the rodents” by my non cat person husband. I think he counted the days until they died and secretly had a party when it happened. Let’s face it, people either love cats or they don’t. Dogs are a little less controversial that way.

Once my cats died, which for me was very sad, I realized that I didn’t miss cleaning litter boxes. And by then I had become a fully functioning dog person. I loved that stupid dog Bailey as much as my husband did even though, I only met him a bit later in his life. I even regularly brought him to work with me. I worked in a nursing home at the time and the old folks just loved him. And this only made him more near and dear to my heart.

That’s the other thing about dogs. You can take them more places with you than cats so they really feel like family members. We took Bailey everywhere with us. Our vacations always included him. He kept us active. Score another point for dogs! They do help keep you more active. They need regular exercise. They get you out walking, get the blood pumping and the feet moving. Cats are happy to sit on the couch with you all day and watch you slowly kill yourself eating bag after bag of potato chips and container after container of ice cream. Not dogs…they want you healthy!

So, I see that I have digressed right into the great dog vs. cat debate I intended to avoid! Oops! Forgive me. I’ll get back to the point. Here are some more things my dogs are teaching me.

You can never have too many toys!


It’s important to have someone to look up to.


We all need someone to share our secrets with.


It’s important to share.


Dogs…you gotta love ’em!