Living with a chronic illness is a vicious cycle of repetitive problems piling up on each other like stacked pancakes. And like the classic “chicken or the egg” conundrum it is often hard to say what ache or pain or weird symptom comes first or which one begins the ensuing pile up.

Sarcoidosis is especially insidious because it is essentially invisible. There are no outward signs of disease. No cancerous hair loss. No jaundice end stage alcoholic skin tone. No body wasting syndrome as often happens in AIDS or even MS. It is often called “rare” and is frequently misdiagnosed over and over again mimicking other diseases playing a peek-a-boo hide and seek kind of game as it has it way often winning the first few rounds.

Yet despite its invisibility, this disease takes its toll, often gradually, cumulatively and in the most subtle of ways. Symptoms often come on slowly and are chalked up to life’s overburdening stress and fast pace. Or sometimes it blitz attacks and as suddenly as a flash renders one utterly useless. Either way, this disease is an insidious idiot harming the very core of a person before it even becomes apparent harm has been done.

It’s mean like a school yard bully stealing your lunch money day in and day out leaving you bruised and battered physically and emotionally never knowing when the bully will strike again. It’s ugly like the red headed step child with big nasty freckles. It’s sly as a fox and will ambush at will biting you any where it wants any time it wants.

This disease is not stupid. No one knows the cause.

This disease is an enigma. No two people seem to respond to it the same way.

This disease is strong. There is no cure.

Treatment for this disease is often worse than the disease itself. A fact this disease probably relishes, laughing at us as we struggle with the question – “To take that drug or not to take that drug?” That is the question, isn’t it? There don’t seem to be any right answers. No one size fits all.

And why is that? The answer to that question is simple…because this disease is an insidious idiot, hateful and full of spite.