When it comes on, it takes over your body like a demon possessed. There is no stopping it or sleeping it away. It enters your body, your bones, your muscles at will and leaves only when it has had its fill.

Like a zombie you move through the day stumbling, staggering, teetering and lurching lacking your once finely tuned motor function.

Fatigue invades your being and assaults your very essence.

Your mind is muddy, dank, depressed and thick. Thoughts come at a snail’s pace and are vague, indistinct and random. Your brain is full of cob webs and dust.

Your flesh feels like fuzzy teeth that are yet to be brushed after a night sleeping with your mouth open.

It is the most unpleasant of out of body experiences as you feel the core of who you are slipping into the most cavernous abyss and the wickedness takes hold.

Fatigue eats your energy like food and the more energy it takes the stronger it seems to get, growing like that creature from the movie The Blob.

It replaces your motivation with profound apathy and emptiness.

It’s mean.

And when it is finished with you it leaves you resembling a wet noodle all soft and flaccid after being soaked in water too long.

It’s cruel.

Fatigue is a monster.